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January 28, 2020  

You know all those high school shows? Dawson's Creek? The OC? Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Well this is Not Another High School show. This show is crass, offensive and ... yeah takes place in a high school. Is this not just another cancelled pilot and deserve another look. Or should it be killed like a teenage wolf and stay doomed?!


Wanna watch before you listen? Check out here:

I know we say Micheal and Micheal have Issues is next, but we had an issue, so we are doing the Dana Carvey Show! Check it out on Hulu!


Have an idea for what Stay Doomed should cover next? Already seen the Dana Carvy show and have a question or comment for use to read on the show? Email us at or tweet at @StayDoomed or check us out on Facebook!  

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