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April 26, 2017  

We have a very special podcast this week with 4 gueslts! Will locked Noah in a locker and went out on his own to Katsucon. There he interviewed awesome cosplayers like Orla, a cosplayer, model, and graphic artist, she also does photography and costume design as well. Also, her husband Tony is probably a handsome captain of a pirate ship or something, who knows. Allen Ryde, a passionate long time cosplayer and artist. He has served as a judge for costume and cosplay competitions at various conventions such as Katsucon and Anime USA. And David Van Tassell, a cosplayer and professional actor/stuntman/badass. He is the creative director for Rockstar Film Company as well as the director/co-writer of the webseries Bad Dogs.


For more Orla and Tony:


For More Allen:

Cosplay Burlesque

Faerie Fantastical Parties

For more David:



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