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July 1, 2019  

In a small town in New Jersey, a small convenience store faces larger than life problems in CLERKS: THE ANIMATED SERIES! Join Laura Prince, Noah Houlihan, and Silent Bob as they find out whether Randal and Dante will ever better their lives, or whether they'll just STAY DOOMED?!


Next week we finally finish Razzie Month and watch Holmes and Watson!


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May 13, 2019  

Sorry for the delay. Stay Doomed: The Star Wars Holiday Special will drop tomorrow.

July 23, 2018  

Ahoy! Ahoy! Just an update/teaser.


Thursday the new show will drop. It should be a fun 

Surprise. Acrostics are fun. 

July 9, 2018  

Way back in the day we tried to do premium 2 dollar episodes. Here it is for free. This was a comedy show we recored back at Jesters Playhouse called The Character Select Showcase. This features Derek Badicheck, Hanah Harkness (Known then as Short Stack) and Alex Pearlman!

July 2, 2018  

Is this the final episode of the +2 Comedy podcast? Yes... well no. Just listen to episode! It explains everything.

April 9, 2018  

Ever go to bed and wish there was a butt with you? Well Jia is here with the solution! It is the buttress pillow! It is exactly what you think it is. This week we talk about The Office, The Fractured Butt Whole and The Hateful Eight. Plus we play Reddit Says on Host vs Guest vs Audience.

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December 12, 2017  
August 14, 2017  

This week on the +2 Comedy podcast we welcome back cosplayers S. Noelle and Zei Kani.... because we lost the first time we did a podcast with them. This week we talk about peanut doctors, convention panels, and Chikara's Golden Opprotunity Caper, Plus we play a round of Google Fued for Host vs Guest vs Audience


For more cosplay:

Zen Kani

S. Noelle


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June 14, 2017  

We have a fly show for you this week as Razorhawk soars in! Razerhawk is one third of the flyest tag team in all of Chikara, the Xyberhawks 2000! This week we talk about Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy and CLASSIFIED. Plus we play "Ask Jeeves Fued" on Host vs Guest vs Audience. 


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June 7, 2017  

Hey hey, Alex Pearlman returns to the show. You many know Alex a comedian from CBS and the CW. This week Alex talks about what ever the hell he wants to talk about and we... we try guys.... we try. Then we play "Reddit Says" on Hose vs Guest vs Audience.


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