Plus Two Comedy +2 Comedy are nerd stand-up comedians that tour conventions. This is their podcast!

August 14, 2017  

This week on the +2 Comedy podcast we welcome back cosplayers S. Noelle and Zei Kani.... because we lost the first time we did a podcast with them. This week we talk about peanut doctors, convention panels, and Chikara's Golden Opprotunity Caper, Plus we play a round of Google Fued for Host vs Guest vs Audience


For more cosplay:

Zen Kani

S. Noelle


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August 7, 2017  

Rusty Wright I choose you! This week comedian Rusty Wright joins us on the show. We talk about air hockey, Futurama and Petscop. Plus we play "Pointless" om Host vs Guest vs Audeince.


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July 31, 2017  

     Way back on episode 18, we had Short Stack on the show. This week we welcome her back under the new name of Hannah Harkness! Hannah is a nerd stand up comedian that works the Dr. Who circut and has a youtube let's play show called Haneurysm. This we we talk about the female Dr. Who, Among the Sleep, and what Hannah thinks of Anime. Plus we play Reddit Says on Host vs Guest vs Audience!

For More Hannah:



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July 24, 2017  
July 17, 2017  

We are in the green room of The Taproom and Grill for the High Note Humor open mic. Every time a comic gets off stage they join us. So we have tons of guests! This episode is not safe for work. Sorry guys!

Tonight's guests:

Ryan Foster

Chris Stenta

David MD

Jeffery Micheal

Brian Isley

Matt Haggarty

Dylan Watkins 

Vegas Landcaster

Paul Carson 

Shane Costales

S. S. Shaw


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July 10, 2017  

We hit the road again, this time on the way to Nauticon! Jeff Stormer joins us and runs a game of Bubble Gum. Warning, this episode features fowl language, Guardians of the Galaxy spoilers adn question able treatment of toll people.


For more Jeff:


Party of one


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June 30, 2017  

Sorry for the late episode gang. Just got the internet back! We got Andrew Fox on the show. Andrew is a comic, host of The Crapulent and one of the first contestant of Game the Gamer! This week we talk about John Cena, Vikings and Broforce. Plus we play Google Fued on Host vs Guest vs Audeince. 


For More Fox:


The Crapulent

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June 20, 2017  

I am happy to have Matt Jay back on the show! Matt is the creator of Cartoons 101, one of the smartest shows on YouTube. This we we talk about obscure cartoons, rewatching shows we love and Wacky Delly. Plus we play "Pointless" on Host vs Guest vs Audeince.

Fore more Matt:


Cartoons 101


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June 14, 2017  

We have a fly show for you this week as Razorhawk soars in! Razerhawk is one third of the flyest tag team in all of Chikara, the Xyberhawks 2000! This week we talk about Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy and CLASSIFIED. Plus we play "Ask Jeeves Fued" on Host vs Guest vs Audience. 


For More Razerhawk


Watch him on Chikaratopia 


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June 7, 2017  

Hey hey, Alex Pearlman returns to the show. You many know Alex a comedian from CBS and the CW. This week Alex talks about what ever the hell he wants to talk about and we... we try guys.... we try. Then we play "Reddit Says" on Hose vs Guest vs Audience.


For More Alex:



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