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August 13, 2018  

It is the second week of reality show month! Noah Houlihan and Laura Prince move to the SYFY channel, or rather the Sci-fi channel, for Mad Mad House. When average people live in a house with a vampire, a modern primitive, a witch, a voodoo priestess and an avocado, who will impress them enough to win the crash prize? More importantly, will the show impress Noah and Laura enough that is won't stay doomed?


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August 6, 2018  

It is the first episode of Stay Doomed! Tv's Noah Houlihan and Laura Prince kick of reality show month by taking a hard look at one of the cruelest shows ever created, WB's Superstar USA.

Wanna watch before you listen? Click here for a WB's Superstar USA playlist:

Next week we watch Mad Mad House! Watch it here:


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July 30, 2018  

Wellcome to the telivision graveyard! Welcome to Stay Doomed! Each week Noah and Laura watch a tv show that ran one season or less. They will give the dirt on what happened, why it was cancelled and whether or not it should stay doomed.

Wanna watch along? Here are the up coming shows:

WB's Superstar USA:

Mad Mad House: Avaliable on Hulu

I Wanna Marry "Harry":



The Goode Family: 

Game Over: 

Clone High: 


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