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December 1, 2015  

Hello friends, thank you for so kindly joining us. We at the +2 Comedy Podcast were lucky enough to be joined by a real treat this week. He is a wrestler for Chikara and Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and also the world's sweetest man. This week we are joined by Jervis Cottonbellly! This week we talk about Rick and Morty, Drax and the Chikara Season Finale "Top Banana" this Saturday at the 2300 Arena. Plus we play another round of Landmine on Host vs Guest  vs Audience.

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June 30, 2015  

The following podcast is scheduled for one guest with a one hour time limit. From Chikara Pro Wrestling it is Ophidian the Cobra! This week we talk about how Ophidian crushed my wrestling dreams, Mortal Kombat the Series and Matt Fraction's Hawkeye. Plus we play "Name Da Snake" for Host vs Guest vs Audience. 

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May 19, 2015  

It is Free Comic Book Day! I know that was awhile ago, but when you have a time traveler on the show time gets all wibbly wobbly. When Eric Corvis is not traveling through time he is wrestling for CZW, Chikara and interspecies wrestling... yes that is a thing. This week we talk about Age of Ultron, Jurassic World and Mario Party. Plus we play "Did it really happen: Comic Edition!" in Host VS Guest VS Audience.

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April 21, 2015  

Sometimes things get out of hand on the +2 Comedy podcast. Luck for us, Bryce Remsburg is here to keep order. Bryce is the senior referee for Chikara Pro Wresting, He is also a member of the sketch group secret pants.This week we talk about becoming a referee, Daredevil and Cards Against Humanity. Plus we play, "That was three!" in Host vs Guest vs Audience.

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Hermit crab rave <--- Watch before listening
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February 18, 2015  

We got a stcked show this week from Adventureland at 2120 Voorhees Towncenter, in Voorhees Township NJ. We got special guest host Derek Badichek and special guest Craven Varro. Craven is a pro wrestler from PWS who will be battling for the tag titles at Refuse 2 Lose on Febuary 21st at the Rahway Rec center. This week we talk about training with Dan "The Beast" Severn, Spider-man and WWE 2K14. Plus we play "Higher Level" for Host vs Guest vs Audience.

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January 20, 2015  

Man this episode was fun. Why? Because the director of fun for Chikara, Mike Quackenbush made the drive to Adventureland in the Voorhess Town Center to join us on the podcast. Mike is promoting the upcoming Chikara event "A New Start." Mike also host "The Trending Show" and "The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe." This week we talk about Spider-man: The Last Hunt, The Legend of Korra, and Lost vs Dexter. Plus we play "New Segment" on Host vs Guest vs Audience.

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December 9, 2014  

With a heavy heart we record from the Taproom to morn the loss of Jester's Playhouse. Lucky for us Gabby Gilbert is here to cheer us up. Known by some as Roxie Cotton, Gabby is a professional wrestler and was once ranked in the PWI top 50 women wrestlers. This week we talk about wrestling with AJ Lee and in death matches, American Horror Story and maybe someone gets shot with a staple gun. Plus we play another round of "Landmine" for Host vs Guest vs Audience.

By the way, this episode is not safe for work and... never thought I would say this about the show... rape and nazi trigger warning.
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Starting on Dec. 11th we will be recording every Thursday at 8:30 at ADVENTURELAND in Voorhees! Check them out HERE!
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April 29, 2014  

We are live from Jester Playhouse at 545 Tilton rd in Northfield NJ and Cory Kastle drops by the podcast! Cory is a stand-up comic and professional wrestler who is currently working a new wrestling documentary called Wrestling with Disaster. This week we talk about Cory's brain injury, Thomas Was Alone and The Goo Goo Dolls. Plus we play IMDB Keywords in Host vs Guest vs Audience!

For more Cory:

Twitter: @CoryKastle

Wrestling with Disaster: Facebook

Wrestling with Disaster: Website

Wrestling with Disaster: Final Cut Wrestling Show on June 14

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September 10, 2013  

FINALLY! THE REAL DEAL MIKE GOLDSTEIN HAS COME BACK..... TO THE +2 COMEDY PODCAST! Well actually it is his first time, but he really likes The Rock. He is a pro wrestler and semi pro cosplayer. He also looks a hell of a lot likeNaeus Son of Hamilcar, but they could not possibly be the same person. Mike drops by to talk Dancing with the Stars, John Wayne Bobbit and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. We also play Secret Identity in Host vs Guest vs Audience!

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