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November 6, 2017  

I KNOW IT IS WEIRD! However it turns out I missed a number a while back, so this in not episode 200, rather it is 166 and next week will be 200.


This week we welcome comedian TJ Hurley  who hosts Justify Your Love at the Good Good Comedy Theater.  We talk D&D, Jigsaw and gambling. Plus we play "Reddit Says" on Host vs Guest vs Audience. 


For More TJ:

Justify Your Love

October 30, 2017  

Oh Deary! This week we welcome the Host of Make up or Break up comedian John Deary! This week we talk about the Saw films, Dragon Ball Super and we play a round of Make up or Break up! Plus we play "Horrible subtitle" on Host vs Guest vs Audience.

For more John:

Make up or Break Up


September 8, 2016  

Special Episode Time! This was recorded way back in April at Johncon. This is the +2 Comedy Game Show! Basically it is a mix of all of our favorite Host vs Guest vs Audience games. We open with Reddit Says, move on to Know For and end with a few rounds of Higher Level. Sorry the players are a bit quiet and I am a touch loud. Enjoy!

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June 2, 2015  
  • Greggo! Come on down! You are the next guest on The +2 Comedy Podcast! Greggo is a touring convention game show host and tours the world. This week we talk game shows, Food Wars and Nauticon. Plus we play "Higher Level" on Host vs Guest vs Audience.

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