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July 23, 2018  

Ahoy! Ahoy! Just an update/teaser.


Thursday the new show will drop. It should be a fun 

Surprise. Acrostics are fun. 

July 16, 2018  

The podcast might be on hiatus, but Noah still has oppinions he wants to shout into a microphone. Noah went to Game Masters at the Franklin Institue and has some feelings about it.

July 9, 2018  

Way back in the day we tried to do premium 2 dollar episodes. Here it is for free. This was a comedy show we recored back at Jesters Playhouse called The Character Select Showcase. This features Derek Badicheck, Hanah Harkness (Known then as Short Stack) and Alex Pearlman!

July 2, 2018  

Is this the final episode of the +2 Comedy podcast? Yes... well no. Just listen to episode! It explains everything.

June 25, 2018  

GM Kyle and player Ben join us on the +2 Comedy Podcast to talk about their podcast "Intelligence Check!" An actual play RPG Podcast. This week we talk about Moral Oral, Get Out and Fall Out 4. Plus we play one final round of Reddit Says.

For more Inteligence Check:


June 18, 2018  

Phil Schadt was on the podcast promoting his kickstater. Now he is promoting his fully funded board game! This week we talk about Dave Made a Maze, Discworld and E3. Plus we return to the world of Metafights!

June 12, 2018  

Need help from the other world? Well then check out Dear Goddesses! Betti and Christine (and an annoying older brother) host Dear Goddesses and join us on the show! Also SPOILERS FOR DEADPOOL 2. Will is an ass. Plus we play a round of Reddit Says!

June 4, 2018  

Always great to see old friend. Alex Reale is an author and guest number 17 of the +2 Comedy podcast. Back then he had just one book. Now he has four! This week we talk about Deadpool 2,  Dune and Dante's Inferno. Plus we play a round of Metafight.

May 25, 2018  

You ready for some fun? The director of fun, Bryce Remsburg from Chikara Pro joins us! We talk wrestling, advertisements and documentaries. Plus we (try to) play Metafight!


For More Bryce:



Bryce's first apearence on the +2 Comedy Podcast!

May 22, 2018  

All the way from Cybertron it is the fliest tag team of the new millinium! Razerhawk returns to the +2 Comedy Podcast with the newest xyberhawk, Danjerhawk! This week we talk about CHIKARA, Earthbound and Deadpool vs Old Man Logan. Plus we play pointless on Host vs Guest vs Audience. 

For More Xyberhawx

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