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February 3, 2016  

Hey gang. So Will was viciously attacked by a forklift so the show had to change format. This week it is just Noah and Will being bros. This week we talk about Will's upcoming recovery and the past and future of +2 Comedy. Feel free to give us some feed back at

December 22, 2015  

Welcomeback  to a special episode of the +2 Comedy Podcast. This is part 2 of the pilot to a spin-off podcast called "Binge Watch" a podcast were we would watch a series from start to finish and discuss it while binge eating. We are still joined by the very funny Neill Carroll and Matt Haggerty from High Note Humor to talk about Breaking Bad. If you like this episode let us know and maybe we will make more.

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November 10, 2015  

Who says con season is over! This week Jerry Colonna from New Jersey Gamer Con is on the show to talk about the new convention running December 5th and 6th. This week we talk about Mario Maker, Snowpiercer and Bill Nye  the Science Guy. plus we play another round of "Higher Level" for Host vs Guest vs Audience.

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September 30, 2015  

One again we have an amazing +2 Comedy/ Shimmy Ninja team up! Kory Beth dances into Adventureland for the +2 Comedy Podcast. This week we talk about Dr. Who, Minority Report and In-Com-Ceivable shenanigans. Plus we play "Mandela Effect" on Host vs Guest vs Audience. 

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September 22, 2015  

 Puppy Mills are evil!.... We think? We did not stay for the whole meeting. Anyway Matt Flowers from the Courier Post is on the show! Matt has done a few stories on +2 Comedy and also  host Podtrash. This week we talk about pro wrestling, pet store laws and Noah almost dies on his white water rafting trip. Also we play "Google feud" on host vs guest vs audience.

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September 15, 2015  

Did you know Matt Haggerty is an expert in superhero origin stories? Neither did we, and neither did he! We welcome stand up comedian Matt Haggerty on the show! This week we talk about Aquaman, Batman Arkham Knight and podcasting. Plus we play "Landmine" on host vs guest vs audience.

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May 13, 2015  

Way back in the day we covered a con called the VGXPO, where we met Dino. Years later, here he is on the podcast at Adventureland! Dino is the lead member of Cheap Dinosaurs, a chip tunes band. This week we talk about Five Nights at Freddy's 4, Film Noir and Lawnmower Man. Plus it is time to fire up another round of "Known For" on Host vs Guest vs Audience. 

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The VGXPO video we talk about:
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March 10, 2015  

Due to the snow we were not able to record the newest episode of the podcast. So this week I have a nice little bonus episode. Will and Noah recorded this one on the ride home from In-Con-Ceivable 2014 in Northampton, Massachusetts. It was recorded on Will's phone randomly after listening to Jimmy Pardo's "Never Not Funny" podcast. Sorry for the poor quality and the fowl language. We were tired. A long the way we talk about fish plays poke'mon, what happened at the con and maybe we get into a car accident!

January 28, 2015  

Still live from Adventureland, this week we welcome comedian Marcus Darpino to the show. Marcus is known for being the host of Mental Poison and now is part of Wild Fire Radio and The Capulent. This week we talk about Vince Russo, 12 Monkeys and forcing children to do Parkour. Plus a mystery announcement about the future. Plus we play another round of "Known For" in Host vs Guest vs Audience. 

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January 15, 2015  

We are getting might comfortable in our new home Adventureland located at 2120 Voorhess Town Center, Voorhess Township NJ. This week we have Chip Tune artist Ralfington on the show. While relatively new to the scene, under the guidance of DJ Cutman, Ralfington had already made waves. This week we talk about Stephen Colbert, Awesome Games Done Quick and humans that are 5% birds. Plus we play "weaponized music" for Host vs Guest vs Audience. 

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