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May 3, 2017  

After 2 blown podcast recordsings I give you The Slash Fiction World Championships Part 2! Now free forever for everyone. Enjoy comics like Uncle Yo, Ramon Bender, Nikki Black, Vegas Lancaster and more in this filthy compatition.


This episode of the +2 Comedy podcast is brought to you by Cosplay Pro Wrestling.

January 26, 2017  

This is the Slash Fiction World Championships! A cut throat cage match competition of dirty dirty fiction about your favorite fandoms. To celebrate that we will return to normal next week, I give this to you for free! Kiss your childhood good bye! It is about to get filthy! Comics either have to write about the fandom of their choice or based on suggestions from the crowd. Enjoy stories of the Ninja Turtles, H.P. Lovecraft and more getting it on!

This episode of the +2 Comedy podcast is brught to you by:
Amateur round: (Comics write ahead of time about any thing they wanted.)
Neil Wood:
Shannon Dapper:
Will Liam:
Nikki Black:
Noah Houlihan:
Professional Round: (Comics pick from three suggestions from the audience.) 
Shelly Snyder:
Drew Castellano:
Ramon Bender
Vegas Lancaster:
July 7, 2015  

We are hyped up for the 100th episode so to celebrate I am (finally) posting the 3rd installment of The Slash Fiction World Championships! 5 amateurs compete in to write the best slash fiction on a topic of their choice. 5 Professionals complete to write the best slash fiction based of audience suggestions. Plus Noah reads a stupid thing. Set your nostalgia goggles to ruined, it is gonna get filthy.

Amature Round Contestants:
Mike Logan
Jeremy Riley
Laura Hargreaves
CJ Kish
Professional Round
Alex Pearlman
Tara Flynn
Will Liam
Neill Carroll
Vegas Lancaster
Again, this is free, but if you want to throw us a few bucks, who am I to stop you? Go buy the 1st slash fiction for 2 dollars!


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